Advent 2015 Postcards

I was instructed to design two different postcards to advertise our organizations’s Christmastime services and events. The direction I was given can be found here and here, but the general idea was to produce two cards with similar content: one for church members and one for visitors.

Here’s the postcard for church members:



And here’s the postcard for visitors:


The main differences between the cards can be categorized as art and content.

The member card features an image of a piece of stained glass art depicting a nativity scene. This familiar scene resonates with many church-goers. To contrast, the art on the visitor postcard is more modern and features the image of a nondescript mother and child. Still a welcoming and somewhat familiar image, but one that may not be as off-putting to non-church-goers as the nativity graphic.

The member postcard schedule lists a Christmas meal. Certain dishes were being provided by the church, and it wasn’t feasible to plan for an unknown number of attendees. The visitor postcard schedule doesn’t list the Christmas meal. It does, however, list the other seasonal events. These other events were more likely to appeal to non-churchgoers in the first place, so all was well.

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