Guadalupe St. Corner Sign

Guadalupe St. Corner Sign

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One of UBC’s greatest assets is its location. Located on the Drag, the stretch of Guadalupe St. right next to the University of Texas campus, UBC  sees tens of thousands of people walk by the church every single day.

Unfortunately, the wooden sign on the corner of Guadalupe St. had fallen into disrepair. It was dirty, the once-white paint was cracked and chipping, and the wood was warped. The sign was unwelcoming, uninviting, and most importantly, entirely unrepresentative of the good works of the church.

The idea of replacing the sign had been discussed by church members, but there had not been any recent progress on that project. In the interim, I decided the most cost-effective way of enhancing our public presence was to place a vinyl banner around the dilapidated wooden sign.

This banner cost a couple hundred dollars versus the several thousand dollars a brand new sign would have cost. I used a burnt orange background to target University of Texas students (burnt orange is one of the school colors). I made the logo most prominent because the front of the building tends to be very drab. The church’s logo is an explosion of color against an otherwise standard backdrop. The basic Sunday schedule is also featured; the majority of UBC participation takes place on Sundays, and it’s the best way to connect with the organization. A subtle, but sharp, drop shadow was used to help the text stand out and better resemble the type of physical lettering found on many outdoor signs.

By using the colorful logo, the burnt orange background, and a basic Sunday schedule I was able to design a banner that dramatically improves UBC’s visibility on the Drag while better connecting with the University of Texas population.

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