Drop-in Center Poster


During some of my brief downtime I took a shot at designing a poster for the Micah 6 Street Youth Drop-in Center. The drop-in center can have difficulty attracting street youth for any number of reasons. Some folks have been burned by churches in the past, and they are understandably wary of getting involved with any church.

My intention was to create some kind of art that would help the street youth feel more comfortable coming to the drop-in center. I chose to experiment with a design that was more psychedelic than my usual work at a Baptist church. Psychedelic art tends to be associated with recreational drug use, and for better or worse drug use is prominent in the street youth community. By making use of a psychedelic aesthetic I was able to convey to the street youth a sense that the drop-in center was for them. The drop-in center continues to feed street youth every week.

I also took a poster from the 1970 film Gimme Shelter, and I gave it a Micah 6 Street Youth Drop-in Center twist to help advertise the freeze night shelter. This was another brief downtime / fun project, and I enjoy when I have the time to explore new ideas in a professional setting.


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