PRIDE Parade & Festival Banner


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I originally designed this banner to be displayed during the Austin PRIDE Parade 2014. Fortunately, when the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage was announced we were able to repurpose the banner and hang it on the side of our building to demonstrate our pride and solidarity with the community.

For the parade the banner has a pole pocket on the top side. Church members were able to place a metal pole through the pole pocket, gather behind the banner, and march in the PRIDE Parade. The church members ended up not using the pole pocket, and instead chose to march with the banner held in their hands. The turnout was great, and UBC’s visibility increased as a result of its participation in Austin PRIDE 2014.

I had not adequately communicated to our leaders that the banner needed to be rolled instead of folded, so unfortunately there are very visible fold lines on the banner as seen here.


Obviously, the folding and lack of pole pocket use are not ideal, but the banner served its purpose. The church members felt energized, the church increased its visibility by participating in the parade and festival, and the community got a taste of what makes UBC unique.

PRIDE Banner on Sanctuary

The banner was designed to gently provoke the audience from afar by featuring the words “LGBTQ” and “BAPTIST” together. One of UBC’s defining characteristics is its progressive attitude toward sexuality, theology, and civil rights, and it was important that the banner highlight this. The slogan on the right, which the church had used for many years before retiring it in early 2015, helps convey the historical nature of both the church and its progressive positions.

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